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Once a pioneer, now the leader! Ever since Allana was incorporated in 1987 as the first electrolysis Center in India, it has continued to be the leader in the field since they are the only ones who extend a life long guarantee after the course is completed!

The first renowned hair removal clinic in Kochi, India — Allana of New York

Over the last 33 years, they have successfully treated over 30000 clients and given each of them a life long guarantee.

Their skin has improved in texture and color after their unwanted hair has been permanently treated! They have smooth silky skin forever on the face and body.

Even in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras-al-Khaima, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kochi they have serviced clients who are extremely happy since they are free from unwanted hair forever.

There are many temporary remedies to treat unwanted hair on the face and body but most of them only trigger increased blood flow to the area especially on the face so they see more and more of their fine hair becoming heavy with waxing, tweezing and threading. Many clients have seen an increase in hair growth on chin, neck, and sideburns after using lasers to remove their unwanted hair.

At Allana, they use equipment that is custom made for them from the US and their expert training enables them to release the exact charge required at the root of the hair only to destroy the hair root completely for any hair that is in the growing stage. So whether it’s fine hair on the upper lip or nose to heavy hair on the chin, neck, sideburns, eyebrows, underarms, arms, legs, or bikini area.

Allana is well able to give you total freedom from unwanted hair and smooth silky skin forever. You never ever need to go to a parlor to wax or thread or subject yourself to harmful lasers.

White hair or ingrown hair or hair because you have a hormonal problem, all can be successfully treated at Allana.

The treatment that Allana extends is 100 percent approved by the FDA for permanent removal of hair. If you are looking for permanent hair removal it’s very important to choose the right one. A false decision may lead to needless irritation, skin issues, ingrown hair under the skin, and regrowth of the same hair that has already been treated. Besides many develop scars and pigmentation too. So instead of abusing your hair with temporary treatments which will only increase the blood flow to the hair and make the hair thicker and affect the area nearby and multiply your hair problem, it’s best to go to a place that has the best name where they give you a life long guarantee.

Why use electrolysis for permanent hair removal

Electrolysis is a process that involves the use of a fine probe ( which is as thin as your hair) into the follicle and a small minuscule charge is released at the root of the hair through the insulated probe. Your skin is neither damaged nor harmed when done by an expert. This enables the root to be destroyed since the blood supply to the hair root is cut away or cauterized. This way the capacity for the hair to regrow will cease.

Before your treatment at Allana, you will have a free consultation where your medical condition and present removal methods are discussed, to ensure a safe and fruitful result.

Why Allana Is The Best Hair Removal Clinic In Kochi

After the course is over, you won’t need any more treatment.

If hair returns in the same area for whatever reason, Allana is ready to offer you free treatment provided you take treatments as recommended by them.

Aftercare treatment is very easy to follow and is far less than any other treatment method.

Skin type
It can be done on any skin type after one year of puberty.

Hair type
Any type of hair can be successfully treated with electrolysis at Allana. Curly hair, white hair, ingrown hair, abused hair, thick hormonal hair, or fine fussy hair, all can be successfully treated at Allana with a life long guarantee.

Electrolysis at Allana is far less painful than threading, easing, or use of lasers.

Electrolysis does not use any chemicals unlike other methods

It’s the only treatment that is approved by the FDA for permanence.

What Body Areas Can Electrolysis Hair Removal Treat?

Treatment of Allana permanently removes unwanted hair growth from almost all areas of your body irrespective of skin and hair type. Treatment of Allana is safer than other methods of hair removal methods.

Electrolysis can be safely used on any area of the body which includes eyebrows, face, abdomen, neck, underarms, hands, thighs, bikini lines, and legs.

Permanent Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost In Kochi, Kerala

Any active or growing hair that is treated at Allana will not come back. That’s why in the long run this treatment is cheaper than most other treatments!
Only in the first 3 months, the amount will be more if you have never abused your hair but after that, the time spent on electrolysis will reduce drastically and it will be less and less as the time goes by.

Since hair growth differs from person to person, it cannot be assessed unless they see you in person. During the consultation, they will assess your hair, and the options available will be discussed.

The cost of treatment is influenced by the following

  • If the area to be treated has been abused by waxing, tweezing, threading, or lasers, then the cost will be more.
  • If you have hormonal imbalances
  • Hereditary factors
  • Regularity in incoming for treatment.

Enjoy Your Unlimited Freedom From Unwanted Hair Growth at Allana Of Newyork

Think of your face and body free from unwanted hair what a great freedom!

Most hair removal clinics treat the same hair again and again as they are trying to make the root thinner and thinner rather than destroy the follicle, so the treatment is not at all effective. Another reason is that they are unable to treat the fine and medium hair so if or when you have a slight hormonal imbalance then your fine hair will become heavier and this way the problem continues to remain.All these problems are overcome at Allana. That’s why we call it a unique treatment with guaranteed results.

In Kerala, we have a Center in Panampally Nagar, Kochi where you can take treatment after scheduling an appointment for a free consultation.  You can fill up the web form to book your appointment for a free consultation.

Our treatment is less painful than waxing, threading, and laser treatment. It’s a maintenance-free treatment that uses no chemicals. It can be done on all types of skin and on all types of hair, including white hair.

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