How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair: A Comprehensive Guide

Most women suffer from unwanted hair growth in different parts of their body. In our society, these may lead to some sort of emotional insecurity and cause even depression.

In medical science, HIRSUTISM denotes the growth of coarse, dark hair in several areas where women normally grow fine or no hair at all. It can be facial hair, which may include hair at the chin, the cheeks, sometimes it may go down to the neck, and also it can be seen at the back or at the chest. The main cause of hirsutism is the increased male hormones[androgen] in females. It could be inherited as a genetic trait. It can be seen in several medical conditions like hormonal imbalance, conditions that affect the ovary like tumors, and polycystic ovarian syndrome[PCOS].

Hirsutism could be seen to manifest at any age, but it can be found more on women who enter into menopause that is a stoppage of the menstrual cycle. At this time the female hormone starts to decrease which makes the male hormone to be more potent. If the condition gets worse, one should consult a dermatologist.

Methods Used For Removal Of Unwanted Hair

● Waxing
● Shaving
● Plucking
● Depilatory Creams
● Threading
● Laser
● Electrolysis


In this method, one may use a warm resin base that is applied to an area and the strip is removed quickly against the direction the hair grows, which pulls out the hairs.

Mostly the results of waxing are not long-standing. Anybody part can be waxed. Removing the wax can be painful. The newly waxed skin can be red and irritated for a short while after waxing. And there is some chance for developing burns if the wax used is too hot.


  • Individual who is taking Isotretinoin (a prescription medication approved to treat severe acne) or who have taken it within the past 6 months.
  • One who is under antibiotic therapy.
  • One who applies Tretinoin (also known as retinoic acid) to your skin.
  • It could result in thinning of the skin. If the wax is not removed properly, it may cause damage to the skin.
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Here, a razor is used to cut the hair at the surface of your skin. It is inexpensive and effective only for the short-term. The technique of shaving can be easily learned and any area of the body can be shaved. It is a painless procedure.

In some people, frequent shaving can irritate their skin. Even Though shaving may produce some satisfactory results, it will be usually short-lived and you may need frequent shaving to maintain the hair-free skin. During shaving, you may have injuries like cuts.

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These are cosmetic preparations used to remove hair. In this method, one can apply a cream, lotion, or gel to the skin, which can dissolve the unwanted hairs.
Here the results tend to last than when you shave. It’s quick and easy to use at home. You simply apply, wait, and rinse off the product at the time stated in the instructions.
Depilatories may irritate your skin, so dermatologists recommend that you test them before use. Some people can use the product for months or years before it starts to irritate their skin. The smell of these products may be unpleasant to some.


This is one of the most common options used by us. It involves rolling two twisted cotton threads over the unwanted hairs, which rips them out.
In threading there is the only removal of unwanted hairs from your body, this technique can be used for body parts such as your eyebrows, where you want to keep some hair. This is one of the faster and precise techniques of hair removal. The results may last 1 or 2 months. It causes little irritation, so it can be an option for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Threading is not suitable for large areas as it is a bit time-consuming. It takes time to learn. In inexperienced hands, it can lead to uneven eyebrows or even cause ingrown hairs.

Prescription Cream

This is a commonly used way for the removal of unwanted facial hair. The principal ingredient is Eflornithine hydrochloride, which helps to prevent new hair growth.

One should get a prescription from a dermatologist to get the medication. It is a topical cream that decreases the rate of hair growth and It should be applied twice a day for as long as you want to see results. The hair will regrow as soon as you stop the medication.

Just like all medications, prescription creams may cause some minor side effects. It may slow hair growth so that you have less hair in the treated areas. The major limitation of these creams is that they cannot remove the existing hairs, and hence you need to remove the unwanted hair in that area by other techniques.

Laser Hair Removal

In this technique, laser beams of highly concentrated light are directed into the hair follicles. Over time, this can destroy the hair follicle, so the hair cannot grow back. It usually takes around 6 treatment sessions for a dermatologist to destroy a follicle, and there is some chance for new hair growth after each session during the course of treatment, at the same treated site. This issue will be solved only after the completion of the entire laser treatment.

Laser treatments can be done on any part of your body including legs, chest, arms, and even face. You should need to use at home laser treatment techniques periodically, to maintain the results. Lasers sometimes are found less effective in removing light-coloured hair.

One of the practical difficulties in laser treatment is that you should need to keep the treated area covered and out of the sun until the skin heals. It may take more sessions to complete the treatment, mostly 6 treatment cycles.


This method includes the removal of hair roots or small blemishes on the skin by the application of heat using electric current. Here an electrical current is sent through a hair follicle, which will cause damage to the follicle and prevent hair from further growth. As the hair grows in a cyclic pattern, it takes several sessions to get permanent hair removal.


  • This can permanently stop new hair growth and is found effective for all skin and hair types.
  • Effective in removing light-coloured body hairs which are difficult to remove by lasers.
  • No Maintenance procedures are needed after the completion of the electrolysis session.

Things To Be Careful

  • The use of perfectly sterilized instruments is a must. People undergoing electrolysis may experience some sort of skin or blood infection because of the usage of unsterile probes.
  • Electrolysis can cause scarring and burns when treated with inexperienced hands
  • There is some chance for the development of a ‘keloid’ especially in dark-skinned. It is a type of raised scar.All these possible risks can be eliminated by consulting in an expert hair removal clinic.
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Why Electrolysis is recommended as the the
best hair removal method

Results of electrolysis is long-lasting or we can say permanent result can be achieved when compared to other hair removal techniques

  • It stops new hair growth for all skin and hair types.
  • Electrolysis can be used on any body parts including eyebrows.

Side effects and risks

Minor side effects are occasionally reported, but they tend to subside within a day. The commonly reported side effect is a slight redness or erythema resulting from skin irritation.

Aftercare and follow-up

In electrolysis hair removal, due to the permanent destruction of hair follicles, there won’t be an issue of new hair growth in the treated area. Usually, multiple sessions of electrolysis are needed especially when you are having the procedure done on a large area like your back, or on an area of thicker hair growth like the pubic region.

When compared to laser treatment that involves a burning sensation and is dangerous for our eyes if the laser light comes in contact with eyes while removing the eyebrows, Electrolysis is safer and is less painful. It is widely considered the safest method for eyebrow removal. The only thing you have to keep in mind while doing the Electrolysis hair removal method is, if electrolysis is not done properly it will cause skin discolouration. So always choose the right place for the treatment.

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