Permanent Facial Hair Removal For Women

The presence of excessive facial hair is one of the most common complaints reported by women consulting a dermatologist. It even affects their self-esteem and confidence badly. It can be emotionally distressing and many women may feel self-conscious about having these unwanted hairs.

Doctors call this excessive hair growth as “hirsutism” and it is actually the presence of terminal coarse hairs in females in a male-like distribution. Globally, around 5-10% of women are affected by this condition. Women ranging from the age of 12 are reported suffering from this unwanted hair growth. A lot of confusions still exist in our mind regarding the management of excessive facial hair growth. Let’s discuss and solve these. It is required to have a proper diagnosis of the condition and get the best available treatment from experts.

Causes of Excessive Hair Growth

Every female will be having facial and body hairs, but these will be very fine and light in color. But the body and facial hair are seen due to hirsutism will be much darker in appearance; sometimes hirsutism as such may not be a disorder but occurs as a result of some underlying systemic disorder.
The female body also produces male sex hormones called “androgens”, eg: testosterone. But typically their levels or concentration will remain lower. But in some females, there will be excessive production of these hormones. These hormone imbalances can occur due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), adrenal gland tumours, Cushing’s syndrome, etc. Hirsutism also reported as a side effect of anabolic steroids. Heriditory&genetic causes, intake of medications like minoxidil, lifestyle disorder like obesity are some other possible causes.

In many women after the stoppage of the menstrual cycle (menopause), excessive body hair growth is reported in areas like facial region. This is mostly attributed to hormonal variations including the sudden lowering of female hormones like estradiol and sustained production of testosterone. Such excessive hair growth is seen around the age of fifties.
There are studies stating that certain ethnic people are more prone to hirsutism, especially women of south Asian and middle eastern decent.

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent solution for hair removal

Electrolysis is the only 100% FDA (Food and drug administration) approved method of hair removal. In this technique, fine needles are used, that are inserted into the hair follicles and a small charge is released at the root of the hair.

Electrolysis effectively destroys the hair follicle permanently and the follicle also loses its capacity to regrow.

Let’s discuss it in detail: how does Electrolysis work?

A very fine sterilized needle or filament is inserted into the hair follicle, which is a natural opening in the skin. The skin is not pierced or broken for the procedure. Once the needle has been inserted, a small amount of current or charge is applied. Either AC or DC currents are used. The current cauterizes the papilla, which is the tiny capillary responsible for causing the hair to grow. This current loosens the hair within the follicle, so with tweezers, the hair slides out effortlessly. 

There won’t be much discomfort or pain during the procedure; you do not feel the insertion into the fine needle or the removal of the hair. The current is felt, but is tolerable for most people. The procedure is repeated for each hair in the area. The blood supply to the hair is diminished with each treatment, and subsequent hairs grow back finer. Eventually, the blood supply to the hair is completely destroyed, and the follicle cannot produce another hair.

Maintenance treatment sessions are not needed. Electrolysis works on all hair types, including light-colored hairs, which lasers cannot remove. Electrolysis does not require the use of any chemicals. This technique also treats each hair follicle individually. It is less painful when compared to laser treatment.

Electrolysis is now widely considered as the best permanent hair removal method for fine hairs or smaller areas of hair growth like those in the face. Eg: upper lip, chin, etc. This can be done in-home or in office. ‘In-home electrolysis’ without much expertise is risky, as there is a chance of permanent skin damage or scarring. So it is always ideal to undergo electrolysis from an expert clinic.

Other temporary facial hair removal methods that work only for a short duration

These are the common methods that are used to remove unwanted body hair.
● Waxing
● Shaving
● Depilatory Creams
● Threading
● Plucking
● Laser

Waxing can be done at home as it is a simple procedure, but the results are not permanent. It is advisable as an option only in case of the removal of thick coarse hairs from a larger area like cheeks; Usually, the hair will reappear on the waxed area of the face after 1 or 2 months. In some females, there is a chance for allergy. Few reported acne, burns, and skin irritation as side effects. Waxing is contraindicated in those who use ‘retinoids’.
Shaving is one of the commonest methods used for facial hair removal, it is the fastest & easiest method. You can shave different parts of the face like chin, eyebrows, areas near the lip, etc. But the results are short-lasting only. Permanent hair removal can’t be achieved through shaving alone.
The use of ‘depilatory creams’ on areas of excess facial hair is a cheaper option when compared shaving and waxing. There are many depilatory creams that are specifically used for facial hair removal and these creams are available in gel, lotion, or cream form. Depilatory creams contain some chemicals that destroy hair proteins and thus easily dissolve and remove excess facial hair. Results are not permanent and in some females, there is a chance for allergy, skin redness, and itching.

Threading, plucking, or tweezing are the other common methods used for facial hair removal. But all these methods fail to achieve permanent results. Tweezing is ideal only for small areas of the face like stray chin hairs. There will be minimal pain during the procedure. Similarly, threading can be effective only on smaller areas of face like the upper lip, eyebrows, and cheeks.

Can home remedies get rid of facial hair permanently?

Most women use simple home remedies or inexpensive methods, such as plucking, shaving, and waxing for hair removal before reporting to the dermatology clinic. Though simple and inexpensive, these methods are temporary and have their own side effects like physical discomfort, irritant dermatitis, discolouration, scarring, and folliculitis.
Laser and electrolysis are widely considered as the two best methods for facial hair removal.

Can laser hair removal help in getting rid of facial hair permanently?

The use of lasers in hair removal is also known as ‘intense pulse light therapy’. It is mainly considered as an ideal hair removal procedure for coarse hair or in larger areas of the body where excessive hair growth occurs such as legs, arms, etc. In PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome) where thick facial hairs are abundantly seen, laser treatment is found highly effective. It is also used for hair removal on facial regions such as upper lip, cheeks, chin, and sideburns.

In this technique laser source emits a beam of light having a certain specific wavelength that is absorbed by hair follicles, this results in the destruction of the hair follicles by heat. Some amount of pain is usually experienced during the procedure. Several treatment sessions may be needed to achieve the desired result. Usually, a minimum of 6 sessions is needed on an average for facial hair removal through laser.

‘In-home lasers’ that are very common nowadays actually do not guarantee the safety and long term efficacy as expected. Professional or ‘In-office laser’ sessions are better advised. There is a chance for side effects like burns, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. The cost of laser treatment is comparatively higher when compared to other methods.

Since it ensures complete destruction of hair follicles at the treated area of the face, the result of laser treatment is comparatively long-lasting or permanent. This avoids the need for frequent threading, plucking, or waxing of unwanted facial body hairs. Instructions of the dermatologist should be strictly followed prior, during, and after laser treatment to ensure a permanent result. There should not be any direct exposure to sunlight for several weeks.

The most common side effects of laser treatment on the face are redness and swelling, skin irritation, and pain at the site of hair removal. Few reported itching also as a side effect after laser treatment. Lasers may cause permanent burns. Laser treatment aims to reduce hair growth and is not a permanent solution. In some cases, hair growth has increased considerably after laser treatment!

Allana’s facial hair removal treatment with 100% guarantee

Electrolysis hair removal has a long history as it dates back to 1875. It is having better treatment outcomes when compared to laser in the removal of facial hairs of women. There are many home remedies and simple methods used for treating unwanted excessive facial and body hairs, but none of them show permanent results. And even many of such techniques exacerbated the hair growth.
‘Allana electrolysis Pvt Ltd’ was incorporated in India at Hyderabad in 1987 and it also provides its service in Kochi, Kerala. They have got a good reputation in cities like Dubai, Ras-al-Khaima & Abu Dhabi.

The unique treatment offered by ‘Allana’ involves cauterization of blood vessels that supply nourishment to the root of hair follicles. They use custom made equipment for treatment and it is done by experts. They always got 100% treatment success in the removal of both excessive facial and body hair. ‘Allana’ always gives its clients a lifelong guarantee, if they complete the electrolysis treatment from them.

‘Alana’ follows all scientific protocols in electrolysis procedure including perfect sterilization. Before your treatment at ‘Allana’, you will be having a free consultation where your medical condition and present hair removal methods are discussed in detail, to ensure a safe and fruitful result.

In conclusion, why should you choose ‘Allana’ as your treatment centre of choice for managing unwanted facial hair?

Following are the reasons

  • Lifelong guarantee
  • Total freedom from unwanted facial hair
  • Does not stimulate further hair growth
  • No failures for 30 years – hair will never grow back
  • Skin improves in texture and colour
  • No burns or scars – just smooth, silky, hair-free skin
  • Economical as hair never grows back
  • Proven Results
  • Suitable for all types of skin and hair
  • All areas can be treated including eyebrows
  • White hair and fine hair can be effectively treated
  • Dark-skinned people can safely take treatment

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